I’m a happy person. You can be happy, too.

The point of this post is to be of help to others and not to be a criticism. In fact, I love helping others. It is a trait that has been prominent in almost my entire life. In a funny way, I am the one who benefits when I give. Of course, my giving is not done for selfish measures.

It is very possible that the reason for my happiness is my generosity. Even when at work that’s all I do is help people. I welcome new customers and prevent mistakes for them down the road. For existing customers I go through their account, get rid of things they don’t need, and give them the maximum credit possible for the unused items. Then of course, we can use those credits towards adding the missing pieces of the puzzle to their online presence at the minimum or no cost to them.

I truly believe that I was drawn to my employer. It is known for creating a fun environment and treating its people well. If you take care of the employees, they take care of your customers. If they take care of the customers, they will continue to do business with you and refer others to you. It’s a win-win situation for all parties. I am so happy to be part of such a chain of success and happiness!

Especially within the past few months, I have been really successful with my job. I have accepted that even though I am doing way better than I could have imagined a year ago, I know I have only scratched the surface of my true capabilities. I have seen the steady progression over time. It just makes sense to envision that line of growing success to keep going up and up. The only thing that could stop me is my own mind and potential disbelief in myself.

So many people tell me that I radiate with positivity and great energy. Sometimes that energy can be overbearing for some people. I just cannot control myself! I have a very strong desire to be happy and share that happiness with the world. It just makes sense to want to be around happy people. Sometimes people in my life are just unhappy. I can try all I want to fill them with the same joy that I experience. However, happiness is a choice.

I have long known that you cannot just be happy. You have to want to be happy. You have to believe that you can be happy. You have to have that confidence that you will be happy! One can point out some ways to you on how to be happy. You can control one person: you!

It really does not bother me when people think I am nuts for being so happy so often. It really comes down to it that so much of our society is full of unhappiness that we have grown to be accustomed to it. If we see anything outside of the norm, we begin to question it. We fear what feels different. We begin to dislike what we fear. Eventually that dislike can turn into hatred. Deep down inside we all yearn for that happiness. The only thing that could stop you or anyone else is your own mind and potential disbelief in yourself.

What are you waiting for? I have grown impatient am and done waiting. There are those who are acted upon and those who act. I chose to act. I wish the same for you!


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