Hello, world! Here is my first official blog post!

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. I really went into things kind of being down; I really was not expecting much of anything. Then I got a birthday wish on facebook a day early. Then all hell broke loose. All total about 75 people flooded my wall on my facebook page. All I can say is THANK YOU!

Work went really well. I followed through with a rather large sale that I had set up the day before. With the very last call of the day I had made enough sales to make my bonus; this is something I have been struggling with recently. My total sales for the day was the second best so far. What an incredible day!

On my way home I picked up a few DVDs. I have been wanting Blues Brothers for quite some time. Yeah, it’s rated-R, but it’s just one of those classics I have been dying to share with Kristen. Plus it’s from my hometown of Chicago! Additionally, I came across The Breakfast Club. Maybe she might not be able to fully grasp the depth of that flick. Hopefully it will make a lasting memory when she watches it!

Laura got home not long after me. She got dolled up and we went out to dinner! I have been feeling a bit off recently. By no means am I sick; I just don’t feel right. Even though I have been craving Fuddruckers for some time, my body said I needed a chicken sandwich. After a bit of searching online, we decided upon Chili’s. Laura ended up having their ribs. Of course we had an nice date there alone. It was great to have some solid one-on-one conversations.

Afterward, just after my sister Laura called, we decided we would go bowling. AMF Tempe Villiage Lanes was the setting for some fun times. Other than her breaking a nail (we need to get her her own bowling ball), we both really enjoyed each other’s company.

As we often do when driving back to eastern Mesa, we took Southern Avenue all the way home. After a long, relaxing drive, we came home and crashed.

The end!