Being True and Honest with One Another

Within the past month or so it seems as if there has been some unrest in my life. I never know what I am going to get when interacting with others. With some people I getĀ consistentĀ support; no matter what’s going on, they are willing to be selfless and giving. So many others have been spotty. I really do not know if it is me or the other people. Of course nothing is stopping me from asking them directly.

I admit that I am imperfect; like everyone else I am prone to making mistakes. I also receive advice from others and then still keep doing the same stupid things. Please do not take anything personally if I do not follow your advice. When it comes down to it, during rough times all I really need from others is support and people that will listen to me.

It sounds like I lost track with what was on my mind. I really do strive to do good to others. Especially in recent times, I have learned to really embrace the loving side of me. I am so grateful to the many wonderful people in my life. Even to those who have hurt me, I still love you all. No, I am not trying to live in some kind of fairy tale land where there are no crappy things.

It all comes down to choice. I would much rather forgive those that hurt me and give them another chance to do what is right. You can think whatever you want and think I am just inviting others to walk all over me. Let’s flip things around.

Just say you did something stupid and hurt someone. I am sure you would feel better deep down inside if the person forgave you. I blamed my parents for so long for the way my life has been. Both Mom and Dad have been gone for so long. I am a big boy; I can take care of myself. What’s the point of holding things against them when they are longer with us? Just let it be.

To bring things back around, I would like to apologize to anyone I have ever wronged. All I want is to do good and bring happiness to anyone I touch.

Best regards,