Gratitude – 2018

Today I am grateful that I will always win because I live a life full of gratitude. Unfortunately I know a lot of people who have a pessimistic outlook on life. They complain about how bad they have it. They are looking for sympathy from others. It’s like they think they are going to win some prize for complaining the most. In no way am I saying these things too cut these people down; to me living this way just seems like such a foreign concept.
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No matter what I’m always cognizant of the blessings in my life. No matter how bad things get I can’t forget about how good I’ve got it. My attitude of gratitude is what brings additional blessings my way. I remember my life years ago when I used to have a pessimistic outlook. I used to think that I was a failure. I used to think that I would never amount to anything. I thought that only other people would find happiness and success.
For the rest of my life I know that I’m on a one-way path to happiness and success. There’s absolutely nothing stopping me. No one can beat me because I don’t compete against others. I don’t give a crap how much better other people have it than me. Instead of wasting my time comparing myself to others I use that time to further myself. I’ve stopped giving a crap about immediate success and instant gratification and instead I focus on the long game. As long as I never deviate for my course I will win. It doesn’t matter if someone else gets there before me because I’m not competing against that person. All that matters is that I get there. I will win. That is all.

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